Hong Kong Rope Skipping Academy

Hong Kong Rope Skipping Academy was established in 2007 which aims to offer professional and systematic rope skipping curriculum to children and teenagers. Our lessons are designed for children and teenagers of all levels, from those who pursue enjoyment. In addition to professional rope skipping skill, our instructors also instill positive values and characters through the interactions with the students.

Our studio is located in Shek Mun, 1-2 minutes walk from Shek Mun MTR Station. With over 2000 feet, it is the largest rope skipping studio in Hong Kong now. The floor is special made which absorb every vibration between the floor and the feet during jumping. The studio is also equipped with dancing mirror, sound system, mattress and water refill machine etc.

Rope Skipping is a popular sport with long history which is easy to learn but challenging. It helps to develop a stronger muscle-skeletal, cardio-vascular and pulmonary system, as well as the body coordination. By participating in performances or competitions, students can build up their confidences and potentials.

Starting with the basic skills, students would be able to create their own styles and discover new combinations. Moreover, those skills can be performed by a single skipper or a whole team in which cooperation and communication skills can be nurtured. By accompanying music with rope skipping skills, it can create a fascinating performance with high visual value. Rope skipping is not only a kind of sport, but a fusion of sport and art.










Mr. Jason Chan and Mr. Kelvin Man first met in 2003. Since then they always work collaboratively.

In 2004, they were both elected by the Hong Kong Rope Skipping Association, China as representatives of Hong Kong to join the World Championships in Australia. In 2006, they became crew members of the professional performance team 'Martial Skippers'.

Most importantly, they started to develop Hong Kong Rope Skipping Academy in 2007.






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Rope Skipping Courses 花式跳繩班
Rope Skipping Performances 花式跳繩表演
Rope Skipping Workshops 花式跳繩工作坊
Rope Skipping Championships 花式跳繩訓練營 
Rope Skipping Camp 花式跳繩推廣 
Rope Skipping Promotions 花式跳繩講座 
Rope Skipping Seminars 花式跳繩活動 
Rope Skipping Activities Equipment Supply and Rental 器材銷售及借用 
Organizing Overseas and Local Rope Skipping Exchange 舉辦海外及本地花式跳繩交流


Hong Kong Rope Skipping Academy is a Member of Hong Kong Rope Skipping Association, China
Membership Number: G090001